The Asheville Wedding Experience: Venue Options and Weather Considerations

A bride and groom strike a romantic pose in front of the Asheville, NC, foliage

In Asheville, our stunning Blue Ridge Mountain home experiences four mild seasons annually. You’re unlikely to see a lot of snow here in Asheville, and summers tend to be humid but comfortable. That makes ‘The Land of the Sky’ an ideal setting for outdoor events in any season. 

Brides-to-be are frequently anxious about the possibility of bad weather on their wedding day. We’ve created this guide to year-round weather in Asheville, NC, to help couples choose the perfect wedding date. 

We tend to think that, with the right indoor and outdoor venue, it’s the perfect wedding destination in any season. Continue reading to learn all there is to know about Asheville, NC weather year-round. 

A Winter Wonderland Wedding

In the wintertime, Asheville weather runs the gamut from comfortable to frigid. During the warmest part of the afternoon, the temperature tends to be about 50° Fahrenheit. That’s generally warm enough to pose for wedding photos outside—or even enjoy an efficient outdoor ceremony. 

Be aware that as the sun goes down, the average temperature is closer to a freezing 30° Fahrenheit. Thus, if you have your heart set on a winter date, we advise aiming for a daytime wedding. Take advantage of Asheville’s warm winter sunlight. An evergreen garden or window-filled hall will bring out the cozy ambiance of our area’s chilliest season.

A Spectacular Spring Wedding

The arrival of spring comes with warmer temperatures, making Spring in Asheville the ideal time for an outdoor wedding. While April daytime temperatures linger at around 68° Fahrenheit, April showers are likely. Things heat up to an average of 75° Fahrenheit by May. Expect scattered showers to persist throughout this green and verdant season, however. 

Don’t let the promise of warm spring showers ruin your plan for Springtime nuptials! We advise selecting a venue with flexible indoor and outdoor options, so a quick sprinkle can’t ruin the fun. 

Plan for the best outcome, but be ready for anything. Have a basket of ponchos or umbrellas on hand as last-minute favors. A little preparation can transform a rainy wedding day into a memorable, photo-worthy experience!

Rain showers rarely last long during Asheville Springs, however. If you’re willing to be flexible with timing, you can often have your wedding cake and eat it, too!

A Splendid Summer Wedding

It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity! If you’re a local, the warm, balmy summer weather in Asheville is unlikely to bother you. If you’re expecting guests from out of town, you might want to keep bottled water and paper fans on hand!

Expect temperatures in the low to mid-80s during this time of year, with an average high of 85° in mid-July. With that said, Asheville is right in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the elevation lends the region a refreshing breeze.

You can keep things cool by holding your outdoor ceremony earlier in the morning or in the evening. Imagine saying “I do” in a garden surrounded by twinkling lights and lanterns! You might choose a venue that allows guests to spend time either indoors or outdoors. That way, they can choose whether to escape the heat or enjoy the incomparable Asheville sunshine. 

A Fabulous Fall Wedding

A bride and groom are surrounded by lights and lanterns during their summertime evening wedding

If you’re open to a September or October wedding, you can take advantage of comfortable Spring-like temperatures. Daytime temperatures in early Fall range from the mid-50s to the high-70s. There’s less rainfall during the Autumn than there is during the Spring, so there is a lower chance of showers. 

As a stunning bonus, you might also be able to enjoy peak foliage season in the mountains. Asheville has a long peak season, with gorgeous Autumn colors making their debut between late September and early November. The changing leaves make a beautiful backdrop for photos that you can’t emulate any other time of year! 

Things begin to cool down as you get into November, with temperatures as low as 38° Fahrenheit in the evening. Consider holding your November nuptials in an indoor venue. Prioritize a space with broad windows that allow your guests a peek at the golden world outside. 

Celebrate Your Big Day at the Most Versatile Wedding Venue in Asheville, NC 

If you’re local, you’ve probably already fallen in love with the mercurial Asheville, NC, weather. It’s natural you’d want to tie the knot in this scenic Western North Carolina region. 

If you book a versatile venue like Weaver House, you can feel confident choosing any date your heart desires. Our timber-frame indoor hall and our evergreen Japanese gardens are ideal for creating memories year-round. Fall in love with our broad windows, which provide sunlight and stunning mountain views, regardless of the season. Our team will go above and beyond to ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch.   

If you have a date in mind, reach out to schedule a free consultation with a Weaver House representative.

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