Asheville Wedding Venue Timeline: When to Book, Plan, and Execute

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Congratulations, you’re engaged!

It’s time to dive into the wedding planning process and make the decisions you’ve been dreaming about for years. Before you can tell friends and loved ones to save the date, however, you’ll need to book the date.

The premier event spaces in our region tend to book up quickly. There’s nothing worse than touring your dream venue only to learn your ideal dates aren’t available. That’s why we advise North Carolina couples-to-be to begin researching Asheville wedding venues early.  

When is the right time to begin the search for wedding venues in Asheville, NC?

Check out our top timeline tips and begin planning your big day.  

When to Book Your Wedding Venue

Most wedding professionals advise you to secure your date no fewer than nine months prior to your event. With that said, Asheville is a popular wedding city, especially in the spring and summer. Given the volume of local weddings, you may want to book your venue 12 to 18 months before your preferred date. 

What To Know Before You Call Venues

As you begin your search, prepare to make a lot of phone calls and send a lot of emails. More importantly, prepare to have a lot of very similar conversations over and over again! The process goes a lot smoother if you can anticipate those common questions in advance.

Who Is On Your Guest List? 

Are you planning a small, intimate event or a massive blowout affair? Make a rough guest list and determine approximately how many guests you anticipate inviting. This will help determine what size venue is most appropriate for your wedding. 

Often, this is one of the first questions event coordinators will ask, so have a number handy. 

What Is Your Budget?

Be honest about how much money you are willing to spend on your wedding. Will you have any financial help from your families?

According to survey data from The Knot, the venue constitutes about 37% of the average wedding budget. That makes it the biggest wedding expense and the most important budget item.

Don’t forget that venue-related expenses are only one item on your budget sheet, however. You will also need to budget for wedding attire, alcohol, catering, rehearsal dinner expenses, officiant fees, and a lot of vendors! 

When you begin calling and touring venues, ask for their rate sheets up-front. Often, you’ll find this information right on each venue’s website. Having this information early can help you save time and rule out venues outside your price range. 

What Are Three Perfect Wedding Dates? 

When you first sit down to discuss your wedding, try to narrow down an ideal season. Be aware that, in Asheville, the majority of weddings take place in the late Spring and early Summer. Because of low temperatures, Winter dates are less popular. 

If you’re choosing an in-demand time of year, come up with at least three potential wedding dates in advance. This triples the odds of booking a date at your dream venue. If you’re willing to be flexible, say so! That can help a lot if you have your heart set on a very popular local venue.

Furthermore, consider whether you’re open to a daytime wedding. Many venues can book two weddings in one day. If you’re open to an afternoon or evening reception, you double your odds of booking your ideal date. 

The Research Process 

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Once you’ve answered the questions above, begin calling venues! 

Word of mouth is a great way to discover unique or unfamiliar venues that offer excellent service. You can also search online, attend bridal shows, or utilize a private wedding planner. You might even have a few venues in mind already. 

You should also determine if you’ll be holding your wedding ceremony at your reception venue or at a separate location. Some Asheville venues offer ceremony spaces on-site. This can streamline the day and save you money on guest transportation.

Schedule a Tour

Connect with the representative from venues that can accommodate your guest list, date, and budget. Schedule a tour of the space, and ask any questions you have about the set-up or vendors. 

If you love a venue, consider asking to observe a wedding in process. That can help you get a feel for what the space looks like with people in it. It can also give you a few ideas about how to set up the space on your big day. 

Choosing Your Venue

When it’s time to make your choice, we suggest making a list of pros and cons, including any non-negotiables. Commit to your top choice ASAP to ensure you can secure your preferred date. 

Be aware that some venues will place a hold on a date for couples who are seriously considering booking their space. They will usually only hold the date for about a week, however, so move quickly! 

Weaver House: A Unique Asheville Wedding Venue

If you’re looking for an intimate, elegant venue with a deep sense of history, consider Weaver House. This Asheville wedding venue is in the heart of charming Weaverville. 

Schedule a free consultation and see if our all-inclusive wedding packages are the ideal match for your nuptial needs. 

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