Outdoor Event Spaces in Asheville: Embrace Nature for Your Next Event

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Discover the allure of outdoor event spaces in Asheville, NC, with breathtaking mountain views and year-round mild weather. Consider seasonal trends, natural décor, and rain plans when scouting venues. Weaver House offers a luxurious blend of indoor and outdoor spaces, sustainable practices, onsite catering, and all-inclusive packages for a seamless event experience.

Main Points:

  • Consider seasonal weather trends and prioritize natural décor when scouting outdoor event spaces.
  • Weaver House offers a stunning indoor and outdoor venue with a Japanese garden, onsite catering kitchen, access to indoor facilities, sustainable practices, and all-inclusive event packages.
  • Book early to secure your date at Weaver House for the ultimate outdoor event experience in Asheville.


When you’re hosting an event in Asheville, NC, it’s natural to choose a venue with stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Why would you choose to decorate indoors when nature has done such a stunning job with the decorations? Asheville’s mild year-round climate makes it easy to plan an outdoor event in any season. The only remaining question is how to choose an outdoor gathering space that provides a phenomenal overall experience!

In this blog, we’ll offer the most crucial considerations to keep in mind when booking outdoor event spaces in Asheville. Continue reading to learn what to look for before gathering outdoors for a wedding, celebration, or other event.

What to Keep in Mind When Scouting Outdoor Gathering Spaces in Asheville

Before you book your outdoor venue, it’s wise to keep the following considerations in mind.

  • Seasonal Weather Trends. We recommend booking an outdoor gathering space for events between April and September. You’ll experience the highest average daytime temperatures. While there tends to be more rain in the springtime, a little preparation can help you avoid unexpected precipitation
  • Prioritize Natural Décor. Asheville has gorgeous Autumn foliage that can provide a stunning backdrop for an outdoor event.

Likewise, the mild climate means many flowers and plants bloom year-round. Consider a venue with a garden to capitalize on natural décor, optimize photo opportunities, and slim down your budget. Consider scouting out the view before you book!

  • Make a Rain Plan. The best way to plan for inclement weather is to choose an outdoor venue with an indoor space. Not only are such venues more versatile, but they make pivoting easy and efficient.

You won’t need to schedule a rain date or communicate a last-minute venue change. If the sun comes out, you can often move right back outside for photos or cocktails.

Weaver House: A Stunning Outdoor Event Space in Asheville, NC

Family-style dining at an outdoor event venue

If you’re looking for a luxurious and versatile indoor and outdoor event space in Asheville, consider Weaver House. It’s an intimate event venue located in a refurbished historic community gathering space. In addition to a stunning timber-frame hall, the venue features a gorgeous Japanese garden with year-round blooms.

Japanese Garden

The garden is an open, fully customizable space complete with a nature-inspired wedding altar for outdoor ceremonies. The in-house event planning team can customize the garden for events of any formality level or style. Enjoy a view of the Blue Ridge mountains by day and a lantern-lit wonderland by night.

Onsite Catering Kitchen

Weaver House has a professional onsite catering kitchen, which takes the stress out of feeding your group. Your guests will enjoy a fresh, hot, farm-to-table meal in the open air. You won’t have to coordinate with vendors, worry about food safety, or fuss over chafer dishes.

Every meal can be customized to meet your dietary needs. Let the team take care of your meals and enjoy your beautiful event!

Access to Indoor Facilities

Even if you opt for an entirely outdoor event, you’ll have access to Weaver House’s indoor facilities. That includes a private suite for brides, clean restrooms, and a modern, full-service bar. If the weather changes, you can easily transition to the high-ceilinged space. If your group is small enough, you can even congregate on the covered decks and terraces.

Sustainable Practices

Weaver House is a leader in sustainable practices among Western North Carolina event venues. Not only will the nature all around you provide a green touch, but your entire event will be eco-friendly.

All-Inclusive Event Packages

Weaver House is one of the simplest places to plan your outdoor event in Asheville. We have regular partnerships with high-quality and professional local vendors. We’ll help create a full event package with fully transparent pricing.

Our a la carte menu allows you to create a customized celebration that meets your needs. You won’t need to worry about overpaying for vendors or services you don’t want or need.

Weaver House is a popular venue, and dates book up fast. Schedule a free consultation to secure your date and enjoy the most beautiful outdoor gathering space in Asheville.

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