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A group of friends toasts at an intimate gathering in Asheville, NC

Asheville is a bastion of beauty, from the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains to the bewitchingly colorful Autumn foliage. Truly, this stunning town is the perfect destination for your wedding, celebration, or other event. 

The key to harnessing Asheville’s ambiance is finding the perfect event venue to serve as your backdrop. For intimate affairs, you’ll fall in love with Weaver House, one of the newest small event venues in Asheville, NC. 

At Weaver House, we’ve hosted everything from anniversary suppers to retirement parties. Brides have adored saying their vows over the sound of natural running water in our year-round Japanese gardens. Needless to say, we know a thing or two about how to successfully throw an intimate event! 

We’ve created this guide to share our best tips for planning an intimate celebration in our Asheville event space. 

What Makes an Event “Intimate?” 

When defining an intimate event, we tend to start with the guest list. According to recent survey data from The Knot, the average couple-to-be expects approximately 115 guests to attend their wedding. With that said, about half of all couples invite one hundred guests or fewer. 

The nature of the event plays a role, however. A dinner party with one hundred guests would feel massive and impersonal! 

With that said, we tend to consider a wedding “intimate” if the guest list includes between fifty and one hundred guests. We consider a dinner party or celebration intimate if you’re expecting no more than fifty guests. 

Is My Event Intimate? 

We recommend drafting at least one version of your guest list before you begin pursuing Asheville venues for your event. 

Consider drafting about three versions. We suggest one very intimate list, one “ideal” list, and one list with anyone you’re on the fence about. That will give you a realistic range to share with a venue’s point of contact. They’ll be able to let you know how many guests they can comfortably seat. 

Choosing Your Small Event Space in Asheville, NC

Once you’ve finalized your guest list, the search for the perfect event space can begin! There are a few considerations to keep in mind when you begin looking at Asheville event venues for your intimate party. 

How Many Does the Venue Seat?

Before you reach out to a venue, you can usually find information about their capacity online. We recommend heeding these numbers.

If you choose a large venue for an intimate party, you’ll lose your guests in the oversized space. It may begin to feel spread out and impersonal. Your instinct will be to “fill the space” by spreading out your tables, forcing physical space between your guests. 

All that to say, it’s very hard to maintain a celebratory atmosphere when your venue is too big! 

Instead, choose a smaller space that encourages your guests to interact and mingle. Our hosts love venues with both indoor and outdoor spaces. This leaves room for guests to spread out when things begin to feel tight. 

How Many Can We Seat at Weaver House?

At Weaver House, we can comfortably accommodate up to 150 seated guests. With that said, we’ve hosted cocktail receptions with 200 or more guests. We’re happy to seat guests either inside our gorgeous timber-frame hall or outside in our Japanese gardens. 

Be aware that those are upward limits! Our small event space in Asheville, NC is well-suited to intimate guest lists.

What Are Your Non-Negotiables?

A bride and groom toasts with loved ones at an intimate, outdoor wedding in Asheville, NC

Many brides begin the event planning process with big ideas, from decor to photo opportunities. When you begin looking at intimate Asheville venues, consider which of those dreams are non-negotiable. That can help you narrow down your options and hone in on a unique space that meets your needs.

Consider the following questions:

  • Do you plan to have your ceremony at the venue? 

At Weaver House, we offer indoor and outdoor ceremony spaces. Brides love the outdoor chapel in the heart of our year-round gardens. 

  • Do you imagine setting up a dance floor?
    Weaver House provides ample room for guests to get their groove on! We also have a state-of-the-art lighting and sound system to add a touch of theatricality. We can help you facilitate speeches, a roast, or an awards presentation.
  • Do you need a venue that offers catering on-site?

Weaver House features a fully-equipped catering kitchen. We can cater your full event or facilitate deliveries and re-heating. We’re also happy to cut your wedding cake.

  • Is it scenic enough for photos?
    The Japanese gardens at Weaver House provide a gorgeous, colorful backdrop for your wedding photos, day or night.
  • Is there space for the bride to get ready?

Weaver House may be intimate, but we offer a full bridal suite. You can touch up your makeup, sort out your bustle, or relax after an emotional ceremony. You’ll be grateful for the private restroom facilities, fully-lit vanity mirror, and comfortable couches.

Picture Your Event at Weaver House

Weaver House is excited to host your gorgeous wedding or event. We’re proud to be one of the most unique, community-centered event venues in the Asheville, NC area. Schedule a free consultation and picture your event at Weaver House. 

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