My wife and I got married at Weaver House on Oct. 8th, 2022. We fell in love with the venue immediately upon seeing it about 15 months before our date. The setting was exactly what we were looking for. A beautifully cared after space that would feel intimate and personal for our 60-ish person event. Of course, there’s much more to a wedding then just the look of a space, and that is really where Weaver House shined. They were the ultimate professionals leading into our wedding. We hired Alexandra to be our day-of coordinator and she went above and beyond that role. We had a handful of zoom meetings with her where she helped us craft our vision into reality. She brought so many great ideas to the table and details for us to think about. We could never have planned out the wedding without her help. And that’s everything Alexandra did BEFORE the wedding day. On the actual wedding day, Alexandra was the cool, confident coordinator we needed to help nudge the event along. She was never overbearing or disruptive. She had an amazing ability to suggest when we should move on to the next thing or when to cue a family member for a speech. She handled all the vendors with great ease and helped set up all of our “stations” (i.e. gift table, greeting sign…). She truly was the force that kept the whole evening together. Thank you, Alexandra! You are a rock star. The food also needs a shout out here. We used Weaver House’s catering but made an off-menu suggestion for the food we wanted. We pitched an idea to the chef, Joey, of having Korean BBQ tacos for our meal. He created an absolutely delicious menu for us with options of pork and white fish tacos (and vegetarian for those who needed it) that almost all of our guests complimented us on. We’ve been to many weddings ourselves where the food is an afterthought, but that was not at all the case here. If I weren’t in such a post-ceremony haze, I might actually remember the meal myself. But my fondest memory of the food is when my wife and I went to try the menu 10 months beforehand and Joey served us his ideas on a snowy February afternoon. It was legitimately one of the best lunches I’ve had in Asheville and we knew we were in good hands. Overall; the space is beautiful, the staff is above excellence, and our guests had a spectacular time with us. I don’t know what else needs to be said outside of that. It was a night we will remember for the rest of our lives. Weaver House provided the background in which all of our loved ones could come together and celebrate. We are deeply grateful that the Weaver House exists here in the mountains

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