When Nature Meets Elegance: Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Venue in Asheville, NC

A dining tablescape at an outdoor wedding venue

Your wedding venue is often the largest expense associated with planning a wedding. It’s not a low-stakes decision. The venue will serve as the backdrop to all your photos, becoming the setting for some of your dearest memories. Will you choose an indoor wedding venue or an outdoor wedding venue, and how do you decide?

What if you didn’t have to?

Weaver House is just one example of an indoor and outdoor wedding venue. We offer interior and exterior spaces included in your rental. You can enjoy drinks on the patio, dance in a high-ceilinged hall, and stroll through gorgeous curated gardens. Couples love taking advantage of unique photo opportunities without worrying about inclement weather.

Are you curious about what an outdoor and indoor wedding venue has to offer? Continue reading to discover the benefits of renting a dynamic space.

Indoor and Outdoor Venues Offer the Ultimate in Flexibility

An indoor and outdoor wedding venue eliminates the need to choose. You’ll experience the best of both worlds. Best of all, you gain access to the entire grounds as part of your rental. Here is what you can expect on your big day.

Avoid Weather Worries

Asheville locals understand that the weather can sometimes be unpredictable. If you choose an outdoor venue, an afternoon sprinkle can quickly derail your plans. What happens when that brief shower passes, leaving a rainbow behind? Nobody wants to spend their wedding day in a tent.

A hybrid venue, with outdoor and indoor spaces, eliminates the need for tents, rain dates, or elaborate backup plans. If the sky begins looking cloudy, your guests can gather in the roomy indoor space. If the sky clears up, they will still have full access to the sprawling grounds, patios, porches, and other spaces.

Create a Cohesive Sense of Flow

An outdoor wedding arch covered in lights frames a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains

On a gorgeous day, guests gain the option to party indoors or outdoors. Your cocktail hour becomes low-key and leisurely as old friends reunite and reconnect. When guests can choose the most comfortable place to mingle, it creates a sense of comfort and ease that is difficult to replicate. The event will feel home-like rather than formal, bringing out the best in your friends and family.

Likewise, you can designate different spaces for different elements of your special day. Usher guests outside while your event staff transforms the indoor space. When it’s time to transition, the reveal feels grander and more exciting.

Designate different areas for first dances, cake cutting, toasts, and more. It will make your event feel organized, and each element of the day will feel distinct.

Enjoy Photographic Flexibility

At indoor and outdoor venues, your event photographer will have an easy time capturing magical moments. A diverse range of outdoor and indoor backdrops makes for more visually interesting photos. Plus, natural light is a photographer’s dream, allowing them to do their best work without additional effort. You are going to fall in love with your wedding album.

Make Wedding Magic

When you have access to both indoor and outdoor spaces, you can make those Pinterest-perfect ideas a reality. Consider enjoying a meal at an outdoor tablescape while your chefs work nearby in the on-site kitchens. Mingle the night away beneath gorgeous outdoor lanterns, then pop back inside if the night becomes chilly. Everything from bohemian-inspired outdoor furniture to starlit dance floors becomes possible when your rental is flexible and dynamic.

Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Venues for Elegant Events

When you say “I do” at Weaver House, you will gain access to our stunning indoor and outdoor facilities. Imagine mingling from our light-flooded timber-framed event hall to our intimate Japanese gardens. Couples have the flexibility to dance or dine under the stars on our timeless Blue Ride Mountain grounds. Enjoy engaging photos, natural light, and additional space in gorgeous Asheville, NC.

Our team is eager to help you plan the wedding of your dreams. Schedule your free consultation to discuss how we can use our historic venue to craft your vision.

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