The Perfect Venue for Your Celebration of Life Event in Asheville, NC

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  • A celebration of life event aims to celebrate a life well-lived, focusing on positivity rather than grief.
  • Ideal venues offer warm, comfortable spaces where loved ones can gather, share memories, and reflect.
  • Crafting the right atmosphere involves selecting venues with multiple spaces, natural light, and all-inclusive packages.
  • Choosing a theme centered around the deceased’s interests or era can add a personal touch to the event.
  • Meaningful activities such as memory books, donation stations, and video tributes enhance the celebration.
  • Weaver House in Asheville, NC, provides a tranquil venue for celebration of life events, offering all-inclusive packages and personalized services.

A celebration of life event offers a space for a community to come together in the wake of a loss. Rather than focusing on grief, the goal of the event is to celebrate a life-well-lived.

The best celebration of life events are held in warm, comfortable, light-filled spaces. The ideal venues are spaces where loved ones can gather to share memories, tell stories, and recount the achievements of the deceased. A private, dedicated event venue like Weaver House offers the perfect tranquil atmosphere for reflection and conversation. All-inclusive packages make it simple to craft an event where the focus is on your loved one, not logistics.

In this guide, we’ll share ideas for celebration of life events that truly celebrate the deceased. Continue reading to learn how to plan a warm, respectful event in Asheville, NC.

Crafting the Right Atmosphere for a Celebration of Life

Unlike a funeral reception, the goal of the celebration of life is to embrace the unique life and accomplishment of a lost loved one. The atmosphere should be positive and celebratory, with space for recollection and laughter. Crafting a warm atmosphere begins with selecting the right venue.

Consider celebration of life venues that:

  • Contain multiple spaces, such as patios and gardens, where guests can split off and share stories and memories
  • Feature large windows that provide natural light
  • Offer all-inclusive packages, including event planning services, that take the stress out of coordination
  • Have audio-visual capabilities to allow for slideshows, playlists, and other ways to share memories of the deceased

Above all else, the venue should be a blank canvas that allows you to honor your loved one. For smaller guest lists, a more intimate venue encourages guests to mingle and connect. If the space is too large, it can begin to feel impersonal, as guests will naturally spread out.

Your event planner can help you choose table configurations that encourage the most interaction.  Socialization is crucial for the success of your memorial event.

Choosing a Celebration of Life Theme

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If you choose a theme for your celebration of life event, it could center on your loved one. Take inspiration from their interests, accomplishments, or unique history.

For older loved ones, you may choose a decade-themed celebration centered around the years they came of age. It can feature the music, fashion, and events from the era, helping guests understand who they were in their prime.

Likewise, décor should reflect the interests, preferences, and passions of the deceased. Feature their most meaningful possessions, preferred flowers, and favorite colors or motifs. Many hosts choose to show a slideshow of photos throughout the event.

You can invite your guests to submit their favorite photos or videos of the deceased when they RSVP. As a result, you can include a wide range of special memories during the celebration.

Even the menu can reflect the preferences of your loved one. A venue with an on-site catering kitchen can accommodate a bespoke menu featuring their favorite dishes or desserts. They can even create a signature dish in honor of the deceased.

Celebration of Life Event Ideas and Activities

If you choose the right theme and décor, most of the event will be spent in active recollection, sharing memories and stories. That said, a few meaningful activities can transform your celebration of life into a memorable and moving memorial.

Consider planning the following:

  • Create a table featuring a memory book or jar so the family of the deceased will have a gift to cherish after the event.
  • Set up a station where guests can make donations to organizations that were meaningful to your loved one.
  • Release balloons or lanterns (or an eco-friendly alternative) as a symbolic gesture.
  • Create and show a video tribute to the life of the deceased.
  • Make a time capsule with mementos and messages for surviving friends and family.

The most important aspect is to create a celebration that reflects the unique spirit of the person being honored. No two events will look alike. Work with an experienced event planner to ensure your event truly reflects the personality of your loved one. The bereaved will be grateful for a positive opportunity to remember their lost loved one.

Weaver House is proud to host meaningful and elegant celebration of life events in Asheville, NC. Schedule a free consultation to learn if our intimate, light-filled venue and tranquil Japanese gardens are the right space for your event.

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