7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Wedding Venue

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You’ve been burning the midnight oil while searching for the perfect North Carolina wedding venue. You’ve scrolled through so many photos that your eyes have begun to cross. You’re just about ready to plug in your phone for the night when, suddenly, you see it: your dream wedding venue.

You nearly fumble your phone as you tap the “book a consultation” button. The tour is officially on your calendar.

Suddenly, meeting with the venue’s event planner has become a high-stakes affair. Do you know what questions to ask when choosing your wedding venue?

Picking a wedding venue is about more than just aesthetics. There are many logistical, cost-related, and practical elements to keep in mind. Asking the right questions can ensure your dream venue is really the ideal fit for your stunning celebration.

We’ve curated this list of the top seven “must-ask” questions to prepare for your consultation or venue tour. Keep reading to learn exactly what to ask when choosing a wedding venue.

1. What Dates Are Available?

Many a wedding dream has been crushed when a bride-to-be learns her date is not available. The more popular the venue, the earlier they tend to book. If you’re hoping for a late spring or summer wedding, popular dates book months (or years) in advance.

Spare yourself the heartbreak and ask about date availability first! It’s wise to go into the process with a few backup dates, especially if you have your heart set on a certain venue.

2. How Many Weddings Do They Book Per Day?

It is sometimes worthwhile to ask how many weddings the venue hosts per day. You may have more flexibility if you’re open to a daytime reception, for example. Likewise, if you want to be the only wedding that day, ask about the booking policy. It’s hard to bask in wedded bliss when you have a hard out at the end of your reception!

3. Do They Offer All-Inclusive Packages?

Before taking a tour or scheduling a consultation, it’s important to understand your wedding budget. Venue rental and catering costs are often the largest expenses involved in planning your big day.

Make sure to ask about what to expect in a standard venue rental. Some venues offer all-inclusive packages, which may be more affordable than working with multiple outside vendors. It can also save you stress and money in the long run. If possible, request a list.

4. How Many Guests Can the Venue Accommodate?

Wedding venues come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing a wedding reception venue that’s too big or small can have a negative impact on the atmosphere of your wedding. An intimate venue may not be the right fit for your blowout bash. A ballroom might isolate guests at a smaller gathering.

Ask about the most comfortable number of guests a venue can accommodate. That number might differ from the maximum! Likewise, your venue may be able to set up the room in different ways to accommodate groups of many sizes.

5. Does the Venue Include a Ceremony Space?

Coordinating transportation from a ceremony space to a reception venue can be a logistical nightmare. Buses can be expensive. Out-of-town guests often get lost.

Many couples are opting to hold their ceremony at their reception space to eliminate the scramble. Ask your event coordinator if an on-site ceremony is an option, and scope out the space during your tour.

6. How Does the Venue Handle Food and Drink?

An excited bride-to-be tours a wedding venue with a gazebo

Your guests need to eat. Catering is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a wedding venue.

Wedding planning becomes a lot more complicated when there’s no catering kitchen on site. Does your venue include catering, or will you need to coordinate delivery and service with outside vendors? You may want to ask about the menu, dietary restrictions, and whether they include table linens. Don’t forget to ask about cutting fees for wedding cake.

Likewise, ask about liquor licenses and whether the venue offers a cash or open bar. How do they handle cocktail hour? Do you need to hire bartenders, or do they have them on staff?

7. How Long Is a Wedding at this Venue?

You will want to know how much time you have for your ceremony and reception. There are other time factors to consider, too.

How long will you have access to the venue? When can outside vendors arrive to begin setting up, and how long will you have to clean up? Is there a fee if you go over?

Your Perfect Intimate Wedding Venue in Asheville, NC

The key to choosing a wedding venue is an open and productive consultation. You should feel empowered to ask questions and seek clarification. The perfect venue will allow you the flexibility you need to plan your dream wedding on any budget. Our list of questions to ask when choosing a wedding venue will set you up for success as you begin your search!

At Weaver House, we pride ourselves on offering couples flexibility and choice. Our all-inclusive and a la carte offerings allow you to plan the perfect event at your ideal price point. Our dedicated event team is willing to work with you to curate a gorgeous ceremony and reception.

It all begins with a conversation. Schedule your free consultation today and watch your love story come to life.

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