Setting the Scene with Rehearsal Dinners Ideas at Weaver House

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Planning a rehearsal dinner? Weaver House offers unique ideas to set the tone for your wedding day. Keep it intimate for meaningful connections, add activities like wine tastings or crafts, try unconventional meal times, showcase photos, and craft a signature drink. Book early for a tailored experience.

After months of planning, your wedding day is in less than 24 hours! The rehearsal dinner is your opportunity to celebrate all the work you’ve done to plan your dream celebration. You deserve a fun, stress-free opportunity to relax with your family and wedding party. Still, you recognize that a great rehearsal dinner has the power to set the tone for your big day.

How do you cultivate a fun, celebratory atmosphere without stressing yourself out or overshadowing the main event?

In this blog, we’ll share a few of the unique rehearsal dinner ideas that we’ve seen at Weaver House. Each one will add a touch of whimsy to the party before the party.

Continue reading to learn how to plan a standout rehearsal dinner in Asheville, NC.

Keep It Intimate

Keeping your guest list small is one of the best ways to ensure your rehearsal dinner goes off without a hitch. An intimate venue like Weaver House makes it easy to keep things small and curated. You won’t feel drowned out or spread out in a small but luxurious event venue.

Furthermore, a tighter gathering encourages guests to chat, mingle, and enjoy each other’s company. This is especially important if not everyone in the wedding party is acquainted. It can help break the ice if distant family is coming from out of town.

Smaller guest lists make it easier to incorporate “getting to know you” games or ice breakers. By the big day, everyone in attendance will feel like they’ve known each other for years.

Add an Activity

Working with a dedicated event venue to plan your event means incorporating fun rehearsal dinner ideas! For example, Weaver House’s onsite catering kitchen means you can incorporate interactive desserts. Consider cookie or cupcake decorating, a sundae bar, or a build your own dessert bar. Our culinary team will provide everything you need to keep your guests busy without compromising on ingredients or presentation.

Looking for something a little more highbrow? Consider a wine tasting instead. We’ll partner with a local winery to curate a tasting menu your guests will love. Plus, our chefs can provide a charcuterie board for nibbling throughout the night.

You can also bring in an outside vendor to lead an activity. Guests have turned their rehearsal dinners into paint and sip events. You can even bring in vendors to help guests create terrariums, paint wine glasses, knit blankets, or customize ukuleles! The options are endless for crafty couples looking to incorporate something unique!

Mix Up the Meal

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Just because it’s called a rehearsal dinner doesn’t mean it has to be at dinner time! Mix things up with one of our favorite wedding rehearsal dinner ideas: throwing a rehearsal brunch, lunch, cocktail hour, or dessert party! We’ve seen al fresco rehearsal tea parties, laid back rehearsal lunches, and late-night rehearsal ice cream socials.

You know yourself the best. If partying into the night the day before your wedding will stress you out, a breakfast gathering might calm you down. If you need to be distracted until the last minute, make it a late-night celebration. When it comes to spending time with your wedding party, there are really no rules!

Show Off Your Photos

Many dedicated event venues have AV equipment set up. Take the opportunity to show off your stunning engagement photos on the big screen! Create a slide show and project photos throughout the event. It’s a low-maintenance rehearsal dinner decorating idea that will place your love story at the center.

Introduce a Signature Drink

Signature drinks aren’t just for wedding receptions! If you had trouble narrowing down the featured cocktail for your big day, you can have your mimosa and drink it, too! A venue with a dedicated bar can serve a special signature cocktail just for rehearsal dinner guests.

At Weaver House, we can make all your ideas for your rehearsal dinner into a reality. We’ll work with you to create a custom event package that meets your exact needs. With our onsite bar, catering kitchen, and AV equipment, nearly anything you can imagine is a possibility.

Dates are booking fast. Schedule a free event consultation to begin the process.

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