Vintage Wedding Trends to Look For in 2023 

A bride in a vintage wedding gown poses outside of a timeless venue

We love looking through old wedding albums and seeing generations upon generations of loved ones tie the knot. In some cases, we find ourselves overcome by the similarities to modern weddings. In other cases, decade-specific trends are hard to ignore. We’re glad that vintage weddings are coming back in style this year.  

What is a vintage wedding? Rather than chasing trends, vintage brides go out of their way to curate a timeless aesthetic. They choose classic, romantic elements ranging from vintage gowns to traditional decor. 

The result is a celebration that seems to be taking place outside of time. A contemporary vintage wedding is a gorgeous, liminal experience where love takes center stage.  

The secret to achieving a timeless look is to blend the modern with the nostalgic. The final effect is a unique, romantic cocktail of past and present.  

We’ve created this guide to share our favorite vintage wedding trends from Weaver House weddings in 2023. Continue reading to learn how to achieve a seamless vintage wedding theme and share your love story in style.  

Vintage Wedding Dresses 

Vintage wedding dresses and gowns are the perfect way to add a timeless touch to all your wedding photos. Some Weaver House brides wore dresses that once belonged to mothers, grandmothers, or even great-grandmothers. Others borrowed elements of these vintage gowns and incorporated them into new, bespoke creations to add a sense of history. What a fantastic way to incorporate ‘something old’ or ‘something borrowed’ into your wedding planning! 

If mom’s old dress isn’t your style, there are many new designer dresses in vintage-inspired silhouettes. In 2023, brides seem to love all-over lace, Victorian-inspired necklines, and corsets.  

Mix Up Your Accessories  

Accessorize your vintage or vintage-inspired dress with more modern pieces to create a contemporary look. For example, a long-sleeved Victorian gown looks sleek and contemporary when you pair it with strappy sandals. Likewise, choose your veil or headpiece carefully. Juliet veils have been popular with our Weaver House brides in 2023.  

Consider wearing both heirloom jewelry and more contemporary bling for your big day. It’s a great way to achieve a vintage feel with modern flair.  

Incorporate Vintage Wedding Decorations 

A couple drives away in a classic car with “just married” on the rear bumper

To achieve a true vintage aesthetic, you might want to forego contemporary decor trends like uplighting. Instead, let your wedding venue do the work for you. Choose a space with natural light, exposed beams, access to nature, and breathtaking views.  

Flowers and Bouquets  

Your floral arrangements and bouquets can also do a lot of work for you. Weaver House brides have fallen in love with wildflower bouquets, which offer a colorful bohemian look. It’s a great way to bring in your preferred color palette.  

On the other hand, a simple, timeless arrangement of lilies of the valley can help transport you back in time. Likewise, white roses make gorgeous, classic bouquets, boutonnières, and centerpieces. 

Antique or Mismatched Furniture 

Incorporating furniture at an outdoor venue is an easy and photogenic way to transport your guests to another time. At Weaver House, we love creating timeless seating arrangements in our Japanese garden space. Something as simple as a vintage door frame, velvet sofa, or outdoor rug creates a warm, inviting, and classic atmosphere.  

Secure a Vintage Cake Topper 

Your wedding cake often serves as the visual centerpiece of your event. A vintage or vintage-inspired cake topper can add a touch of nostalgic whimsy to your wedding day. Set it on top of a tiered white wedding cake for a timeless creation with true vintage flair. 

Vintage Transportation 

If you’re craving a unique but classic photo opportunity, consider your transportation. Rather than a limo, arrive in a Rolls Royce or vintage car.   

Embrace History At Your Weaver House Wedding 

When you say “I Do” at Weaver House, you’re choosing to tie the knot in a place of historical significance. Weaver House has long been a community meeting place where people come together to celebrate. Now you can add your unique love story to the history of this stunning Blue Ridge Mountain venue.  

We can’t wait to help you plan your intimate vintage wedding at Weaver House. Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about this unique, romantic venue.  

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