What Is the Average Rehearsal Dinner Cost in Asheville, NC?

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Planning a rehearsal dinner in Asheville, NC? Costs vary but generally range from $1,350 to $2,750. Factors like guest list, food, venue, décor, and ambiance influence expenses. At Weaver House, inclusive packages offer affordable options. Choose wisely to make your rehearsal dinner spectacular without breaking the bank.

It’s no surprise that tying the knot can be a costly undertaking. Small expenses, from flower arrangements to rehearsal dinner costs, can add up quickly. According to data from The Knot, the average wedding in the US costs couples about $35,000.

It makes sense that couples-to-be would focus on their budget in an attempt to make their big day as affordable as possible. As a small event venue in Asheville, couples often ask us, “how much should a rehearsal dinner cost?”

As is often the case, answers vary. We’ve created this blog to expand on the costs that can go into an incredible rehearsal dinner. Continue reading to learn what the average rehearsal dinner costs and why.

What Is the Average Cost of a Rehearsal Dinner?

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According to the wedding planning experts at Brides.com, the average cost for a rehearsal dinner is around $1350.

In contrast, The Knot claims the average rehearsal dinner cost is closer to $2,750.

We’ve found that in the Asheville, NC area, the average cost tends to be around $2,000, depending on a number of discrete factors. We’ll expand on the reasons behind this wide range below.

How Much Should a Rehearsal Dinner Cost?

While the average cost of a rehearsal dinner may be somewhere around $2,000 in Asheville, we’ve rarely met an average bride. The total cost will depend on your unique preferences, expectations, and decisions.

The following factors can contribute to the final cost of your rehearsal dinner in Asheville.

Guest List

The number of guests in attendance contributes to the final cost of your rehearsal dinner. Each guest will need to eat and drink, which is one of the biggest expenses. The more people you invite, the quicker the costs will add up. Budget-conscious couples might consider keeping the guest list intimate to keep costs low.

Traditionally, couples-to-be invite their families, officiant, and the members of their wedding party. It is polite and expected that each guest will be permitted to bring a plus one, such as a partner or spouse.

Food and Drink

As mentioned, food and drink is one of the largest costs associated with planning a rehearsal dinner. The more formal the meal, the higher the bill will be.

At many catering halls or venues, you’ll pay by the plate. Restaurants may offer a prix fixe menu for special events. Ask your event space about plated vs buffet options.

Venue Rental

Venue rental is another expense that can either make or break your budget. For example, at Weaver House, we offer all-inclusive event packages. They can make renting a dedicated event space more affordable.

You’ll benefit from full access to the venue and grounds, including the seasonal Japanese gardens. Access to the bar and two bartenders are included with every booking.

Choosing a venue with inclusive options is a great way to throw a spectacular dinner at a reasonable price.


Likewise, choosing an attractive venue can eliminate the need for additional décor at your rehearsal dinner. All-inclusive venues may include the use of specialty lighting in your rental, for example. They might even include table linens and other details. That takes the onus off of you during an already busy time.

Furthermore, hosting your rehearsal dinner in a stunning location, such as a garden, adds ambiance without added expense. In the right season, an al fresco event is the easiest way to let nature handle the decorations.

Wedding Party Gifts

It’s common to present the members of your wedding party with a token of appreciation at the rehearsal. Don’t forget to add this expense to your budget, especially if you have something costly in mind.

Overall Ambiance

Finally, consider the general tone of the event. Are you curating a formal rehearsal dinner, or planning something more casual?

As a general rule, the more formal the event, the higher the bill. If you don’t need a seated dinner, outside entertainment, or expensive décor, you can keep the price down. If you prefer a more luxurious atmosphere, you will likely end up at the higher end of the price range.

At Weaver House, our all-inclusive rental packages make it easy and affordable to plan the perfect rehearsal dinner. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your options.

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