Rain or Shine: Navigating Weather Uncertainties for Your Asheville Wedding

A bride and groom kiss under a translucent umbrella

The gentle pitter-patter of rain on the roof is a relaxing, tranquil sound. The exception is if you’re hearing it on the morning of your Asheville wedding!

No bride-to-be is eager to wake up to rain on her wedding day. Alas, we cannot control the unpredictable Asheville weather. The key to navigating wedding planning in stunning Asheville, NC, is preparation. That begins with choosing the right wedding venue.

We’ve created this guide to help you navigate weather uncertainty. We’ve provided simple, actionable tips for salvaging the day. A few extra touches can turn a stormy day into a whimsical celebration of love. Continue reading to discover how to reclaim your bliss in the event of bad weather on your wedding day!

Your Asheville Wedding Venue Matters

In the event of rain or other inclement weather, most wedding venues have a backup plan in place. If you are planning a wedding during the rainy season, you might want to ask about it while touring potential venues. This is especially pertinent if you have plans for an outdoor (or predominantly outdoor) reception or ceremony.

Your venue may suggest moving festivities to an indoor venue space. Likewise, they may recommend erecting a tent in the outdoor event space. You may need to give up to 24 hours’ notice before choosing to change your plans. Your contact at the venue should be transparent about whether a change in location will involve an upcharge.

Your best defense against wedding day rain clouds is to expect the worst and hope for the best. Ideally, choose a venue with gorgeous indoor and outdoor spaces. If you love the look of the venue’s interior event space, moving inside won’t be a disappointment. Likewise, partying in a tent is not a compromise if the grounds are lovely and your guests stay dry!

Keep Rainy Day Favors Handy

Even if you move your reception to a dry location, it’s wise to think about logistics. You and your guests will be wearing their wedding finery and may be worried about their clothing, hair, or makeup. Likewise, tracking water and mud into the space can lend venues a soggy ambiance —not to mention create a fall hazard!

Consider keeping the following handy to ensure things stay dry, clean, and safe:

  • A series of large umbrellas to help guests travel from the car to the door without getting drenched
  • A stack of new towels for guests to use if they get caught in a sudden downpour
  • A basket of rain ponchos just in case unprepared guests need to go outside during the festivities

In some cases, you might wish to include backup rain protection as part of your wedding favors! A cute travel umbrella is a fun, practical favor that guests will continue using long after you tie the knot. It’s a thoughtful alternative to Jordan Almonds! Plus, they may come in handy if you do experience that wedding day sprinkle!

Embrace The Magic of the Weather

A barefoot bride splashes in a puddle beside her groom

If it does happen to rain at your Asheville, NC, wedding, embrace it! A translucent umbrella makes a gorgeous prop for rainy day photos.

As long as it isn’t hurricane weather, most wedding photographers will consent to a few gorgeous rainy day photos. You can also plan some stunning, dramatic shots near large windows at the venue. Professional photographers are masters at capturing the light and atmosphere of a rainy day. They will transform your stormy reception into a gorgeous memento.

In other words, don’t be afraid to dance in the rain! It will be a moment unique to your love story, and you’ll never forget it! You may want to pack an extra pair of shoes for the occasion!

A Beautiful Asheville Wedding in Any Weather

It’s natural to take in the splendor of gorgeous Western North Carolina and imagine your picture-perfect wedding. You don’t need to settle for a subpar venue just because of a little rain. Instead, plan ahead by choosing an all-inclusive venue with indoor and outdoor event spaces. When you’ve chosen a stunning backdrop for your “I Do’s,” there’s no need to compromise in the event of a sprinkle.

That’s why North Carolina brides confidently book their weddings at Weaver House. From the Japanese gardens to the handcrafted timber-frame hall, every inch is picture-perfect. Rain or shine, you’re sure to have a spectacular, unforgettable day.

Schedule your free consultation to discover the magic of this timeless historic venue.

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